Where do I Start?

When families look for help from a Geriatric / LifeCare Manager (GCM), it’s often at a time of turmoil, transition or crisis. A Certified Geriatric / LifeCare Manager can help sort out the issues quickly and professionally to increase safety for the senior.

Seniors and their families, however, will also benefit from working with a GCM before it reaches a point of crisis. They can help Identify areas of concern, coordinate appropriate services earlier, and can help extend a senior’s ability to age in place. A GCM will help you put together the “puzzle” of navigating longevity and simplifying the complex process for seniors and their families.

This foresight and pre-planning will allow for the availability of many more options for the senior and family, and potentially avert some of the crises experienced by many frail elderly and their families or caregivers.

It’s essential to identify a GCM who is certified through the only certifying body, THE NATIONAL ASSOSCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL GERIATRIC / LIFECARE MANAGERS (NAPGCM) In doing so, you can be assured that they have a specified level of competency, education and experience to provide the most optimum service for Best Practices and better outcomes.

What does a Geriatric / LifeCare Manager (GCM) do?

The role of a Geriatric / LifeCare Manager is to assess the needs and desires of a senior and the family to create a specific care plan that best fits those needs. A support system is created or enhanced to shore up the needs of the senior. This will allow them to age in place, or steps can be taken to identify other living situations that better fit their needs. A care manager will assist in coordinating a vast array of support services, identify funding possibilities and alternatives for a wide range of services needed to help ensure the highest level of safety, independence and comfort as possible. Steps can be taken to plan for expected care needs due to unavoidable decline, as well as assistance with identification of services necessary for unexpected care needs that arise. This will, in turn, help afford the family peace of mind while their loved one is receiving appropriate oversight.

What Can a Geriatric / LifeCare Manager do for me?

A certified GCM can provide individualized and family consulting in the care, and coordination of care, for an elder. An initial assessment of the situation is conducted, resulting in identification of immediate safety concerns, and subsequent short term and longer term considerations. Our assessment looks at the entire situation –- home, environment, safety, social supports, independence, health status, legal and financial aspects, and all things important to you.

We discuss where you are currently, and create a plan that gets you where you want to be, which also reflects your priorities and goals. This assessment is then followed by developing a specific care plan tailored to the needs, desires, and goals of the senior and family. A GCM can implement the plan, coordinate appropriate services and identify skilled professionals in the industry to alleviate problem areas and concerns. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation can be done to ensure the outcomes addressed in the plan. A GCM can help the family change the plan, as care needs and conditions change, to address new care concerns, and find the best fit to allow for optimum functioning.

Our Services:

Family Consultation

  • Individual and Family Assessments
  • Care Plan Development and Implementation
  • Resource Development
  • Long Distance Caregiver Coordination
  • Coordinate Community Resources
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Consumer Education

Client Advocacy

  • Assistance with Identification and selection of alternative living situations
  • Move Coordination
  • Eldercare Counseling and Support
  • Family Liaison and Caregiver Support/Coaching
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting
  • Status Reassessment

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